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What is the best male masturbation technique?

Are you looking for some of the best male masturbation tips and techniques. I have listed below a few best tips.

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What is the best male masturbation technique: Tip One.

The area just under her head where the skin joins is very sensitive to masturbation for men. Focus some strokes hold holding or touching this area of your penis. Light touch or stroking can be very nice on this area. In cock reflexology, this area corresponds to the heart area.

What is the best male masturbation technique: Tip Two

Use your breath to build up the energy during your best masturbation practice. When you go into your thoughts and your head, go back to your breath and deepen it to a belly breath as a way to get back into the sensations of your body. If you have never had a rebirthing breath session, I suggest to book a session with a local practitioner to learn how to really breathe. Try this type of breath during lovemaking too.

What is the best male masturbation technique:  Tip Three

At the end of the masturbation session one can clench for twenty  seconds all the muscles of the body. This is called the “Big Draw”. The most important areas to clench are the muscles of the pelvic floor, but lift the legs and head to tighten other areas too. The Big Draw focuses the energy, circulates it throughout the body and, if enough energy has been built up through the breath-work and the touch, can lead to whole body orgasms and to profound visionary experiences.

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